i've always had a passion to blog but i never found an outlet to do it, but with this new article feature, i finally have the ability to do it.

i will probably talk about many different subjects in this little blog series e.g. music, fashion, movies, books, and tv shows. mainly things that interest me. i will first start with music because i am the most passionate about that topic.

my favorite genre of music is k-pop. i have listened to k-pop for a little over a year now but it wasn't until about march of this year, when spring day by bts came out, that i got really into k-pop. some of my favorite groups are; nct, monsta x, seventeen, exo, blackpink, bts, winner, and kard. now here is a list of k-pop songs i recommend everyone listens to, even if you don't like k-pop at all.

winner; island, love me love me, sentimental, really really, fool.
i feel like winner is such an audience friendly group, they have such beautiful voices and the rhythm just sounds so nice. even if you have no interest in k-pop, winner is definitely worth a listen.

nct; without u, the 7th sense (nct u), angel, once again, paradise, 0 mile, running 2 u (nct 127), trigger the fever, my page, la la love (nct dream).
nct is my all time favorite music group. i feel like they can reach a lot of different audiences, cause their music range is wide. the more mature nct u, the more fun and loose nct 127, and the cute nct dream.

monsta x; calm down, be quiet, queen, ready or not, beautiful, perfect girl, all in, stuck, white love, and blue moon.
i really love monsta x. they are considered a more hip-hop group, so a lot of their songs are up beat hip-hop songs, but they also have the occasional love song. their songs just leave me feeling pumped, definitely good to add to your workout playlist.

bts; fire, dope, blood sweat and tears, young forever, coffee, cypher pt 3, cypher pt 4, spring day, run, and save me.
bts was the first group that i got into and those boys have been taking the world by storm ever since the bbmas.

my music taste outside of k-pop kinda of varies. it just depends on what i hear and what appeals to me. i like twenty one pilots, alessia cara, troye sivan, waterparks, shawn mendes, harry styles, taylor swift, and 5 seconds of summer. also throwback to big time rush. and despite liking harry styles, i do not like one direction, never did actually. this list of song recommendations will be all over the place.

twenty one pilots; the entire twenty one pilots album+forest.
alessia cara; seventeen, here, outlaws, and scars to your beautiful.
troye sivan; youth, wild, the fault in our stars, happy little pill.
waterparks; crave, mad all the time, pink, im a natural blue, stupid for you, and i was hiding under your porch because i love you.
(honestly, waterparks is a very good group, i really like them)
shawn mendes; stitches, treat you better, ruin, roses, mercy.
harry styles; sign of the times, sweet creature, meet me in the hallway, from the dining table.
lana del rey; video games, and love.
5sos; amnesia, castaway, airplanes, social casualty, vapor.

and that's pretty much it, i will make update articles (that are far more organized) about different music i listen to.

i think i'm going to do a book review on my favorite book next time.
anyways, i hope you enjoyed this and maybe found some new music to listen to. thank you for reading!