As a teenager, I have dealt with a lot of hard friendships which led me to have issues with loving myself. I also have friends around me that I see dealing with self love, it's like they almost don't accept themselves, which upsets me.
Here in WHI or generally in social media, a lot of people began to talk about topics like these, self love, empowerment, feminism, preventing bullying and body shaming, which makes me really happy so I'd love to have a voice in this positive environment.

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So, we all dealt with self-confidence problems, had issues believing in ourselves and believing that we are worth it. We all must have gone through that at some point in our lives.
What about losing a friend or going through a breakup, the aftermath and the feeling that a part of you is missing or the feeling that you have nothing left.. Sounds relatable ?

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How can we as individuals prevent that feeling of falling apart, breaking into pieces after friend/relation -ship breakups ?

As the quote says..
"Make yourself a priority. At the end of the day, you're your longest commitment."
Yes, at the end of the day, friends can leave, a lover or a relative can die. People leave, it's a fact we have to accept, but who stays ? YOU.
We are going to work here on "YOU", when you love yourself and work on it, educate it, get it out of the comfort zone, let it face it's fears, let it reach dreams and accomplish great things, that is when you will feel powerful no matter what happened and no matter how many people left. You'll manage to pull through without feeling miserable or that you lost a part of yourself.

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Loving yourself is also important because you can never truly love someone without loving yourself first ! As the quote says: "You can't pour from an empty cup."

You can gain self confidence and self love by very simple but not easy steps.

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Find something you are good at, find your talent and master it. Discover your strength points, improve it and use it positively.
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Educate yourself, make yourself busy with stuff that actually matters and improve yourself as an individual. Read and search about topics that not a lot of people are aware of.
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Never waste time thinking about the past, we all make mistakes, learn the lesson, forgive yourself and move on.
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Take care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise regularly at least 10 minutes per day, and maintain a healthy biological clock. Also never forget taking care of your mental health.

Note: To motivate yourself, put a small goal and try to reach it. Take baby steps, and reward yourself for accomplishing these small goals of yours ! Step by step.