You've been here just with the name
I will never forget the love I crave
deep down I know it will never come
I want to breath without hurting

I don't know wich question to ask you
'cause ... I look for an answear
you know I love you
... , why don't you love me back ?

if you won't be there for me
how will I know what kind of man I deserve
you broke my heart before any guy could do
you killed the child I used to be
this is what you wanted ? Are you happy ?

I hate the way you behave
I don't want to say more
The memories still hurt

Am I admirable ?
Am I detestable ?

I hate all I used to love
the tears fall on my cheeks
they speak words
I am not able to say
nobody want to learn that language
to understand me .

- the ,, ... ,, is you .