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Since people seem to really like love stories, here you go: a (hopeless) love story about a girl who was in love.

16 years old, school had started a few weeks ago and I was still getting to know my new classmates. I started that year a bit sad because I really wanted to meet someone that holiday, we went to Italy so I thought there would be a lot of hot Italian girls. And there were, but you know my anxiety kicked in and I'm too scared to talk. By the way I was so sure that all of them were straight as hell. But yea, no romantic cute summer love for me. But as things got busy with school I soon forgot about that summer and I was finally living in the present. And then I got to know her.

Feelings I never had felt before came creepin' up and I was really confused but also very happy and often super sad. You see, she was perfect; dark brown hair, deep cold eyes, thin posture, and strong hands. I felt confused because I never had this kind of feeling for someone before. It was more than just a crush, I was falling in love with her. There was nothing she could do wrong, everything was awesome and beautiful. Why was I sad though? Because I had to hide, hide it all. My love for her, I couldn't share it; I was just her 'friend'. And of course I couldn't tell her, because I'm such a chicken.
I tried to forget my feelings but that's really tough when you see her every hour of the schoolday. So yea, there I was, hopelessly in love but with my mouth sealed. Now comes the saddest part. Eventually I did it, I killed my feelings for the most beautiful girl I knew. She was dead, now there was just that friend who was sitting behind me in every class.

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I know for sure, that I'm not the only one with this story. So many/to many people have to kill their love because they're too afraid of sharing it, they'd have to expose themselves to a cruel world who doesn't like 'different' so much. I think things are moving in the good direction right now, but in so many peoples life's there is still that hidden unspoken love. It's sad, really.
But I have hope for the future. I believe that love does conquer fear and hate, and we should share the message that we will not let society or any love hating person kill the love we want. If we stand together in the name of love, WE WILL WIN!

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"There's only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved"
- George Sand

That was all for now, keep spreading love!!