People talk about how much they got hurt because someone else left them, but what if...

I lost all of my friends because I cannot keep a fucking relationship going. Growing up we distanced ourselves and now we are barely friends.
I hate my parents because they play a big part of making me the ruins I am today. It has come to a point when on my birthday I don't want to go out of my room simply because I don't want any congrats on their part. Because of them I am here today hating myself and they are going to congratulate me for it.

What if all the relationships you have are as toxic as possible and you are done suffering for someone else's sake? What if they are all suffocating you, stealing the oxygen you are supposed to breathe in by getting so much in your personal space? What if you don't interest them enough and you have come to terms with that because you realized that you are not interesting? What if you are sick of the plain old faces and good memories that are trying to make up for all the bad ones, giving it a bittersweet taste you hate? What if you are tired of trying to please everyone and you finally want to do something for yourself? And what if there is no other option but to leave in order to do that?