looking good is super hard these days, but your girl got your back! looking good on a budget needs some skills.
rule #1 take the most basic outfit and wear it in just a cute way like tuck your tee, add a denim jacket just on the shoulders, basic jeans and maybe a belt.cute ik
rule #2 clean out your closet, while im writing this im actually cleaning it right now lmao, but if you do. you find some clothes and your like "OH THIS IS SO CUTE" or " disgusting' its so pleasing and relaxing plus, you fimd stuff way better!
rule #3 try online shopping, I don't do online shopping so um watch yt videos on that. sorry not sorry
rule #4 try going/finding really cheap places, aka thrift shopping its actually super fun but gets really irritating smtimes, but anyway, hope this helped! byee