"I've started to believe time is a frivolous concept. We're born, we live and when the time comes we die. From the very moment we open our mouths and take out first lungful of stagnant, polluted air, we begin to die. Our hearts beating in our chests, galloping towards their last beat. The passage of time and therefore the effects, as consequence, are inevitable. Life creates Death, Death creates room for more Life. A vicious cycle. And in that span of time, that meaningless void between life and death, we create ourselves. That is our purpose. We use words to define the epitome of our existance, we make choices that define our essential character traits, we struggle to understand what it means to be human and we call it life. And what if, lets say, all that we use to create ourselves, our essence, the soul, was gone? All the labels, the restrictions and limitations and such things we call preferences. No choices to make, and nobody caring about what you've done. What if we were uninhibited? No good, no evil. Would there still be a purpose to existing? To this thing we define as living?"