We all say "I'm just tired", but in many ways, theres two types of tired. There's the tired that is fatigue, where we need rest. And then there's the tired can't be resolved by resting. It's the tired deep in our bones, the tiredness of our lives, of the world bearing down on our shoulders.

And because of that, there's two types of sleeping too; The sleep we need out of necessity, and the sleep we use to try to escape the tiredness of our lives.

Sleeping out of necessity is simple, its the tired we can easily resolve. But how do we ever resolve the tiredness we experience in our real lives?

We just handle it, try to look forward to the good things, and find a way to be happy.

And only once we stop trying to escape it do we really find happiness.

In a way, that's what happiness is. When you no longer use sleep to escape your life. When for you, there's only one type of sleep..