From my window, I can see
Bleak grey skies and empty dreams
People walking, they're all strained and in pain
Your treatments not the same when you're different
The little boy with the tear streaked face
Bullied because he's another race
See, he's part of a minority
Not in the majority
A "superior" authority tells him he doesn't matter
A teenage girl with her head held down
Her body's skin and bones, she's got her eyes to the ground
And it's so sad to see the beauty she could be
If our society didn't tell her she didn't fit their standards
An older man who can't stop the tears
You can tell by his face that he's seen many years
And he can't afford his home, his medication
Hes all alone
If only he had known that government greed knows no bounds
A lady walking her kid to school
Avoiding eyes and looks so cruel
But on the streets the men catcall, and in a second she feel like she's failing and her life's derailing
And she can't be explaining the reason why to her child
But it's okay right?
We are all part of a failing jurisdiction where greed, control and power are an evident addiction
They won't spare us, they don't care about us, all they do is scare us into following like little sheep in a pen
And what do we do?
At the end of the day when we can make a difference what do we do?
We follow