"Autumn killed summer with the softest kiss"

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Summer is ending and most of us are being forced back to school. This can be difficult, painful to except. Especially for me. School can be lonely....scary. And this is my last year! Now I face the difficulty of applying for college and the bittersweet symphony of goodbyes. But like anything in life, I know there's starlight to be found in any stretch of darkness. Fall isn't so bad after all.

-Apple Picking
-Hot drinks
-Cute, comfortable clothes
-Warm blankets

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Even school has
-Helpful teachers
-The chance to see at least some(?) likable people
-The chance to learn at least one useful thing
-Cute supplies
-A fresh start, a million chances for new memories

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Yeah, summer 2017 was great for most of us! And goodbyes are always so hard. We have to say see you soon to our dear friend summer. And greet this new school year with all the warmth and hope she deserves. Parts of school can suck, so can parts of summer. But life, life isn't about pain, it's about making the best out of what you're dealt.

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