"Hey, you gonna get in or what?"

I glance up at my phone and greet Nat, who had just pulled up to the curb. I get up from the porch stairs and sling my bag over my shoulder. I give my phone a quick look to check for a text from Jason, with nothing I switch it off and slide it into my denim pocket.

"Good morning to you too." I smile and open the car door, getting in.

"Don't you just love morning like this?" I asked, my head leaning against the window looking out to the now passing neighborhood.

Nat looked over at me quickly and turned her eyes back to the road. "Hey, greasy hair, clean windows, head off." Nat informed.

I did as she said and smiled to myself, I leaned forward and turned up the volume to Location. I leaned back into the passenger seat, continuing to gaze out the window as we slowly approached Emily's house.


"Hey," Emily smiled and jumped in the back. "You excited for tonight?" She asked. You could feel the excitement in her voice, and she was hyped for our first party of our senior year, and for what might happen tonight. I was too.

"Yeah, you ready?" Nat chimed in, taking her eyes off the road.

"Hey, eyes on the road, I'm not ready to die." I smiled.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to let you die a virgin." Nat smirked and looked back at the road. "But you have to tell us every detail when you do it with Jason tonight."

"Oh, yeah," Emily fished through her bag, pulling out a small square package. "It doesn't go in unless this goes on."

I took the packet and my smile grew wider. "Oh my God you guys."

"Unless you want STI's, take my advice and make sure he puts it on." Emily persuaded.

We all exploded with laughter.