have you ever been in the presence of beauty,, and shook. afraid to touch. afraid to look. this is how i feel whenever im around you. your blonde hair glowing in the sun, with the cotton candy colors peeking out at the bottom. your eyes gazing into the sky, the blue reflecting. the way your eyelashes brush onto your cheek. your lips, ever so soft and lovely. when you first get out of the shower and your hair's all wet and your skin is glistening from the water. when you roll over in the middle of the night and you reach for me, you look so beautiful. so utterly peaceful. in your arms,, there's no place i’d rather be. you take my breath away. all of it. when you lean in to kiss me, your eyes flutter shut and you melt into me. when you call my name you have a look of love in your eyes. you amaze me everyday. your face, your body. just you, inside and out. you are the most lovely creature to me. everything i’ve ever wished for and more. i adore you