The time ticks away with every breath we take
Every second goes by, is every second that we couldn’t take back
It is so precious, to cherish every second of it
As it is the only thing that no man could replicate
Every second that goes by, dates and years follow on

It is so precious, but it is also what we neglect most on
To then wish we could turn back time
Change what we could’ve
Do what we would’ve
Say what we should’ve

Time, it is so precious
That for once, i wouldn’t beg to go back
Because for once, i found something worth appreciating more
Appreciating more than something so precious as time
It is you, my love

If it wasn’t for what i couldn’t go back to change
I wouldn’t have be here, with you

To feel your embrace
To feel your soft lips
To feel my fingers locking onto yours
To feel your love

I may not know what the future holds
I may not be able to stop the bad days
I may only cherish whatever that’s good now
And i do.