For all the girls who can relate to this.

A letter to the guy who messed up my life.

Can we really be friends?
We both know each other, and if I'm being honest, I don't think we can.

It's always a game for us, we never learn. I know your insecurities, I tried to let you know that you're not a bad person. But you haven't learn about it from what I can see.

It always made me mad the fact that you couldn't see you from my point of view, I wish you could, because if you did, you would understand.

You left because you thought I deserved better. And that hurt me. Because I really wanted you to try, I really saw a good on you and a potential. And I don't think I'm wrong.

You were mean and a jackass. Yet, I still forgave you everything mean you said and how you acted. I didn't have to, but I did, because I believed in you.

You made me think that there was something wrong me, that I wasn't good enough. Guess that wasn't your intention.

Time past by, and I got over it. I was happy. I felt good. I promised myself that I wouldn't got caught up with you again. Then again, you came back to my life.

I was so done with you but I got my hopes up that you will try this time. Guess I was wrong.

You apologize. For everything. We talked about us. You apologize and wished me the best with finding a better guy. My heart broke but at the same time I felt peace. We gave each other advices, and wished the best for the other.

Fuck, I hate how you have that effect on me. Now, we're stuck in between friends and not really friends I totally hate it.

I'd like to have you in my life honestly, but when it's about us I know that there's always a game.

We keep having those little looks at each other... nothing has changed.

Can we really be friends even though how much we had that frustrated wish of being together and not being able?

Love xx,