Do you ever feel lost?
Like, you don't know what you are, who you are.
Do you ever feel like you don't know what you're doing, what you are meant to be?
Do you feel like you need a propose?
You want everything and nothing at the same time?
Do you wake up wanting to do it all but your body and mind stop you?
Have you ever felt like you're dead inside? Like you're just breathing, not living. You're wasting your life but you have no idea of what to do. You need to know yourself, to have a goal in life, you need to define yourself. You feel all alone even if you are surround it of people. You know you're the only one who can help you, you're the problem, you're stopping yourself from greatness. But once you're at the bottom of the hole, you can't go up. You feel sad, depressed. Sometimes you don't know how you do things, you just do. You're angry at everything and everyone all the time. You're not happy. And you want to be. You don't wanna die because you already feel dead. You hope there'll be happiness for you somewhere. You're full of fears and excuses. You're on instagram and tumblr watching other people live their lifes and looking happy, having everything you want. You feel like a loser, you're lost. You don't fit in. You don't know what you want and thats what you need to do something in your life. If you don't know what you want, how do you what you have to do? You're not sure of anything. You don't trust other people because you can't even trust your own brain. You need help. But people think its just a fase, you're young. You don't feel like killing yourself but there're thousands of ways to die, not all of them requires you to stop breathing.
Do you ever feel like this?
I know I do. And sucks! And I probably need help, I just don't think anybody can help me at all. Its a state of mind. The only thing you can do its trying to ve positive, keep your mind occupied, go out. Read books, do some footing, yoga, try something new. Go to cooking classes. Try saying something nice to you every single day. To stop thinking "I can't", because you CAN. I hate myself for saying this and don't apply it on my life, but I know im not the only one feeling like this and I don't want other people feeling this way or worst. We deserved to be happy, to have the life that we want. We deserved loved and more important, self love. Lets not be sad anymore. This is the only moment we have right now. Don't waste any more time. Get off your phone, go out and put your mind elsewhere. What would you like to do? And what's stopping you?