5:50 am
Her overpowering stare forces him to open his eyes
Her gleaming eyes spread insecurity to his covertly innocent body
however her silent mind admired his simplistic beauty
his absolute accidental beauty
"What's wrong?"
his exhausted voice asked-
she watched as his affectionate eyes turned concerned
absolutely nothing"
her small soft hand felt the beating of his heart through his thin t-shirt
she inhaled
taking in the morning air along with his manly scent
"Which somehow makes it everything"
he smiled.
her complex and poetic mind both confuse and complete him
"There's nothing wrong with this moment
its perfect"
she says
her clammy hands finger his chest
he began to play with her hair which told her to go on
" A decade
a year
maybe even a month from now i'll think back to
this exact moment and cry uncontrollably.
This moment is perfect.
It will remind me that at one time- I had everything
I ever needed."
with that her lips closed
and her exhausted eyes did too.

amazing, beautiful, and black image