For the past 5 weeks of the Summer Holidays a break away from school i have been recording my everyday life on an app called Life Cycle. It made me realise how much time i waste lying about doing nothing when i could be doing something useful or going out with friends. In the past 35 days which is 840 hrs i have wasted 20 hrs of that sitting doing nothing and lying about checking my phone. For me that is shocking as i didn't realise how many hours i had spent. So lets breakdown my 5 weeks of summer holidays shall we?

- Sleep

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For a teenager I feel like I sleep a lot so I was not surprised when the action I spent most of my time doing was either lying about awake or sleeping in my bed. What a surprise. It is number one at 287 hours! That is just over 11 full days, it just show how much i like my beauty sleep. I told my friend who sleeps for only 6 hours each night and she laughed so much, I think I earn the badge for heaviest sleeper. As a wise man once said;

"Woke up this morning with a terrific urge to lie in bed all day and read."
— Raymond Carver.

- House & Family

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In total I have spent 232 hours at my own home and 76 hours at other family houses. So 308 hours which turns into a little over 12 days, so not bad for that around out of 35 days. It was different to spend 3 days at another person house as I am so used to my usual day to day routine that once I was at the house I could not go about doing my usual day to day thing and go to the normal places, as I was 390 miles away from my home town. It was nice though to be in a different environment with family and old friends for a little while. No internet in that town though, how I coped I don't know!

- Transport

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73 hours! Aka, Just over 3 days of travelling, whether it was by train, bus, boat, walking and mostly in the car. It was 48 hours of travelling around in car, how did i manage, that is 2 days! With the other day and bit spent using the other forms of transport. It makes my think of the quote;

“This heart of mine was made to travel this world.”

- Camping & Hotels

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Even though I did not spend the days at the camp it was a very fun and lively place with all the different campers around about all working together to help each other out. I spent roughly 22 hours at the camp relaxing with drinks and family playing board games, etc. It was a very different experience and I would say for anyone who fancy's going camping in style to try glamping in France just outside Paris, it is amazing and in my opinion the best place to go. I also spent 16 hours in a hotel as I went to Liverpool for a bit for a change of scenery.

- Family & Friends

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I think it is fair that i spent 20 hours out with family and half of that out with friends. It was fun to catch up with relatives and friends who I have missed over the holidays and wanted to see before they went away on holidays or were too busy to go out. It was a fun few days crammed into 10 hours of wild running around and having fun.

- TV

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Of course for me TV and gaming is above thing like eating and exercise. Throughout the summer I have switched from watching Marvel to DC and I can tell you now, it was definitely worth it. I have spent 14 hours binge watching shows like Arrow, Supergirl and my current favourite The Flash. They are all must watch TV shows in CW based of the DC Comics. If you are looking for them they can be found on Sky Box Sets and sometimes they put one season on Netflix, your welcome.

- Shopping & Movies

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I spent about 12 hours shopping in the space of 5 weeks spending all my summer money on some really nice clothes, back to school stationary, and a bag. I also saw two very different films Dunkirk and Everything Everything. I spent roughly 4 hours in total watching these amazing must go see films. Both of the films very different but in a good way one about The World War while another about Love and a life threatening illness.

- Food

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Drinks came up to near 17 hours. This being the times I remembered to track when i was eating as most of the time i forgot. Some of the different Cafes, Restaurants and fancy tea places i went to were extraordinary. In Liverpool I went to a Breakfast Place that was on the upstairs of a Double Decker bus, crazy!

- School Work

Into my crammed days I packed 9 hours and 30 minutes of set school work to be finished by the end of the holidays and 5 hours and 50 minutes of coursework. Whoo! Well done to me as I am surprised that I did any at all. I never managed to add in any studying but Homework and Coursework that needs to completed before the due dates always comes first.

- Exersice & Errands

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In my small get away i spent 6 hours exercising which for me is good as usually I do not exercise in the holidays, after all it is meant to be a time for relaxation. I spent 5 hours kayaking up the Lochs in Scotland which was a totally unique and amazing experience that i thoroughly enjoyed and would like to do more often as I tend to only once a year. Going down the Lochs was definitely different from the settings i am used to kayaking in.

1 hour was spent with some best friends cycling around a local town as a different thing to do and for a breath of fresh air, again it was really good and a nice time to spend quality time with friends. Errands such as food shopping, dog walking, dentist etc came to about 4 hours and 30 minutes mostly spent food shopping.

- Parks & Museums

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Lastly, I spent around roughly 2 hours at parks as I like to go out and sit and read or walk about listening to music. The small museum I went to was amazing full of all sorts of different art. I took so many pictures so look out for them in my collection of my photography.

- Life Cycle App

Image by R E N A Image by R E N A

It is a really good app to use if you want to manage your day to day activities, see how many steps you have walked and what activites you have done more or less of each week.

I hope you enjoyed this article as it was a little different from usual. Send me a postcard or DM me on my Instagram @losingsleeps to tell me what you thought of the article or the app if you do download it.

Hugs. Ren. x