1. Songs
- All I Think About Is You by: Ansel Elgort
-anything by the 1975 but my all time favorite is UGH!
-also Khalid is REALLY good and i love his song 8teen
-Feel It Still by: Portugal the man i think this is an amazing song and a great song to dance to
-Hey Jude by: the Beatles

2.My Top 5 Favorite Shows
(for this one i'm going to try to mix it up)
-Anime: Spiral (such an underrated anime came across it on YouTube and i got all my friends addicted to)
- Korean Drama: The Heirs and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Jo
-American Show I'm Currently Watching: 90210 and Riverdale
-Finished: Gilmore Girls and Friends
-Recommended to Me: The Vampire Diaries