Hey there!
I see you stumbled across my 2nd (but also officially 1st) article!

So the first topic I'd like to talk about is...

Starting Year 7

Now let me just say I started high school 7 years ago finished high school about 3 years ago so I realise my experience of it may be different to other peoples but all in all, everyone will feel both love and hate for it.

I mean when you're first going into high school, it is 100% scary af. Especially if you know you're going to be alone (without any peers from primary school). You're going to be around new people who you might not have seen before. And trust me when I say, no one is brave when they go into high school.

That jump from being the oldest in primary school to literally the youngest again is very strange. But everyone goes through it. That's what you need to remember, you're all in the same boat.

You may look up at the year 11's or sixth form students and think; wow I want to be as confident and popular as they are. And hopefully, you will realise like I did once I got there, that these things do not matter.

Adjusting to a new environment

So obviously, high school is going to be a bigger building compared to your primary school, with more students, new teachers, new (and more) subjects. It's a fresh start and that sounds very intimidating, trust me.
With the help of your teachers, you will hopefully adjust to your new school comfortably within c.2 weeks.

your teachers are there to help you - remember that.

However, you must not rely on your teachers to help you all the time. It is also your duty to create your own friends and socialise because as far as I knew, there wasn't a random social club for us to go to when we were lonely.


  • Stick to your map for the first week or two, the school is probably big with departments, so there will be multiple classrooms.
  • If you are in a situation where you are lost or stuck, don't hesitate to ask someone around you how to get there. This can be a teacher or another student. they aren't that scary and they know their way around the school
  • Don't lose your planner or timetable, you must keep these things safe because the school will be big and if you lose it, you may not find it soon. my school made us pay £1 if we lost our planners so be cautious!
  • Don't be scared to raise your hand in class. Make yourself known to the teachers. They are learning names as you are. I was very shy and was so scared to take part in group activities so I regret not involving myself more
  • Show your skills in class and work your hardest, there may be rewards for you like sweets but will contribute to you becoming a prefect if you want to be one.
  • Don't be too cocky with teachers and respect them as well as your peers. punishments are different in high school, and you may lead yourself into detention. Just listen to your teacher and respect them!

Making friends

Now I know I was scared on my first day, my peers and best friends from primary school had been placed into different forms from me. I felt virtually alone until a girl popped her head out and complemented me. She invited me to hang with her primary friends at break time and that was the start of making long time friendships.

start a conversation and get to know the people around you
  • Be yourself, don't try to be who you want to be, or act or speak differently. make a good first impression
  • Smile! Be friendly to everyone - you don't know them or their character yet, and try to treat people how you want to be treated!
  • Start with "hey" or "hi", it’s easy and I highly doubt no one will reply to you!
  • Ask them about how they feel because 9 times out of 10, they feel just as nervous as you (I made that stat up but you get my point)
  • Ask them what school they came from (most likely they will be in the area), how far away they live from the school or if many people came from their school you may find something in common with them or recognise a place
  • Ask what their hobbies are, you may share the same one or know the same things.
  • Ask if they have the same timetable as you or the same teachers. You’re going through this together and you will at least know someone when you get to that class. this helped me later on to make friend groups with people who shared the same hobbies as me like reading and watching anime etc.
  • It may be a good thing to look at your peers and distinguish what they look like. this helped me out when I got lost because I followed my classmates and got to the right class
  • Exchange numbers or Snapchats, Instagrams etc. whatever they are comfortable to share with you. You may even find that your peers(or you) don't have a phone yet, which I didn't, but I don't know what these new generations are like nowadays, too tech savvy for me :/
  • friendships and relationships happen to show you what people are like, if they don't work out, don't stay upset, mistakes may happen but soon enough you will find your true friends<3
friends, friendship, and best friends image
Hope it works out for you to make some lifelong friends.
you will experience many friendship breakups and makeups but that is all part of the high school package.

Organising yourself

One tip I haven't yet given is to have fun. School is sometimes depressing, so bring colour and life into it.

  • Buy pens in bulk. You can never have too many pens, trust me. Don't be that kid on the first week that asks everyone for a pen. I tried to be kind to everyone so I basically lost all my pens within the first few weeks Try to be nice, but call someone out when they're clearly doing this unnecessarily.
  • make sure you have all the equipment needed for your subject, so for art, make sure you have a pencil, rubber and sharpener, for maths, make sure you have a scientific calculator, a ruler, a protractor and ruler.
  • Colour-code your lessons or modules, buy highlighters or mini sharpies and create bold or colourful titles and facts. Unless your school does provide you with exercise books, buy colours that maths with your pens so you can sort out colours for specific lessons. This will help if you're a visual learner.
study, school, and book image school, colors, and study image Temporarily removed school, study, and notes image
Post-it’s saved my freaking life in school; it always helped when I couldn't remember anything or had to make lists
  • Practice your handwriting! Mine was terrible and neither I nor my teachers could read it which may jeopardize your level or grade despite the content. Examiners will need to read your writing, so up to the years when you have to take your exams, try to perfect your handwriting.
school and notes image apple, goals, and handwriting image
This is perfect handwriting omg and the journal shows how good it is to draw little diagrams to make the info look interesting
  • When doing homework, always have an extra notebook that you keep at home to help plan out you assignments, projects or essays or working out. This may be handy because your teachers want to see the final products (with an exception from maths) so planning out and making mistakes are allowed here!
  • Use your locker, decorate it, but keep it tidy too! I personally don't know what it's like to use a locker since my cheap a** school could never afford them so we had to heave 6 books around with us all day but I'm guessing it gives you space for your own personal items as well as a place to store your books between lessons. It sounds great honestly.

Here are some helpful locker organising vids:

  • Keep track of your timetable and planner and organise times when you are free to hang out with friends or family as well as study and revision times. If you find this somewhat difficult,
school and study image

For example:
7am - wake up and get ready
8am - eat breakfast
8:30am - leave house
9am-3:30pm - school day
4pm - get home, change
4:30pm - eat tea
5pm-6:30pm - study time, revision, homework etc.
6:30pm-7:30pm - relax, watch TV, and break
7:30pm-8:30pm - dinner
8:30pm-9pm - skim over all work done in and after school
9pm-10pm - relax again
11pm - aim to go to sleep

That’s how my days went but you don't need to follow this, it's just a guide on how to space out revision, relaxing time and dinner with family as well as getting a sufficient amount of sleep. It also may vary on what time you personally wake up as well as what time your school starts/finishes.

"I want to be popular"

Many people lose themselves in high school. They will change themselves to fit with the in crowd and to make themselves known (mostly for doing stupid things).
I hope you grow to realise that the whole stereotype of cliques is a lie.
The so-called popular people aren't what you think. These days, the so-called nerds can be the popular people. That’s because by the end of high school, virtually everyone will know everyone, so the nerds and populars actually mix together. That being said, I don't mean that these popular people don't exist. They do, they are bullies and druggies and probably not the best crowd to be around. Usually you will be associated with them if you become a disrespectful a**hole too.

Your life in high school will shape you for real life.

That's why you need to go through hardships and easy times. Without experiencing everything, you will never know what you like or what you don't. That means you need to mix with new people, who you might not have before, see what people are like, what you like, but be careful, always stay safe, some people can be from the wrong crowds, doing drugs, being arrested etc. That's just what to avoid!

I hope this helped in any way, please leave suggestions of what else I could have included, my laptop's about to die and it’s currently 3:20am and I'm tired so I'm not totally finished js!

Thanks for reading, take care x