(this post was originally made by orriculum on tumblr xx)

a quick guide on grounding with storms for storm witches
☔ to be done during a storm
☔ stay in a safe place when you practice this form of grounding. only allow yourself to get wet if your health allows, and please avoid places that would get you struck by lightning.
☔ have a view/hearing of the rain to the best of your ability
☔ visualize:
each thunder strike rattles you to the core, and leaves nothing there. each drop of water brings energy that replenishes and re-energizes you.
every drop is one of millions, but every drop has importance. each one soaks into you, cold and bright. it fills you
every sound of every drops rebuilds you from the inside out.
each lightning bolt ignites within you, calling up new energies and instilling a calm in its wake.
☔ when you are ready, let the storm fade its hold on you. you are not severing the ties harshly, only letting them fall away, the way rain dissipates and the storm calms down.