(ps this post was originally made by orriculum on tumblr xx)

dawn - breaking curses, beauty and glamour spells. weather and sea spells. magic involving delicate feelings, friendship and forgiveness, budding romance.
morning - fertility, good luck, green/herbal witchcraft. best time to brew potions. intuition and justice.
noon - wealth and career spells. success and motivation. confidence and courage spells. kitchen magic.
afternoon - the time to gather herbs. communication spells. travel protections.
evening - psychic protections, peace/balance spells. kitchen spells and pop culture spells
twilight - catalysts, movement and growth. astral travel and divination. love/lust spells. technology witchcraft.
evening - curses, hexes, banishment, bindings. space and cosmic magic. dream magic. hedgecraft
midnight - creativity, switching between realms. spirit work, liminal spaces, reaching through the veil.

(ps this is not 100% necessary ! it just gives your spell a little more Kick!)