Looking up at the stars with you by my side without empty space between us is what I long for each and every night. We are closer than ever, cuddled up with one another, so close that I can hear your heartbeat and you can hear mine. We are one.

Your fingers intertwine with mine and what I remember most is how soft and gentle your hands felt in mine. They were warm and when they wrapped around my body, I felt a tingle go up my spine -- a good feeling that I'll never forget. The feeling of protection and reassurance that you'll never leave my side no matter what happens.

People often ask me where my home is, often assuming that the answer will be someplace geographical, the place I physically live. But I think to myself that my home is not where I live, it's you. You are my home, my world, my everything. I could watch the stars with you every night for the rest of my life. Only the two of us, our bodies intertwined, our hearts filled with love. I will never get tired of it, ever. I will never get tired of you, ever.