NOTE: This tips were not shared for becoming popular, just to help improve your hearts.

Hello Readers. I bet your here because you need more hearts and have tried every way to get MORE HEARTS. That is why I am here to help you, and shared some tips that improved my hearts. Here are my tips:


follow, hair goals, and summer vibes image
This is one of the most reasons my hearts improved. Use lots of tags in your picture, sometimes people are successful without no tags, but they are helpful. Now don't use tags like, for example: don't write, "water, heart, people" like? Not most people are going to look for that. Instead use tags like, " girls, summer vibes, photography, hair goals, friend goals". You can also use tags lots of other people use, though i'm not saying you should copy. Your photo just could show up because there are photos with tags like yours or similar. Also if the photo is something similar to, let's say summer. Using the tag "SUMMER, SUMMER VIBES" is very useful. One tag I like to use is "heart this", and I think it helped a lot, i don't know!


Themes are like trends, just I like to use a theme for a holiday, season, etc. Now it is autumn/fall and on my other account - (@jerzology) I post some autumn stuff when summer was ending, and when summer started I would go on the "Discover" Page, and see LOTS of summer related photos. This should be easy because almost all the months have it's on theme. Jan. - NEW YEARS EVE Feb. - VALENTINES etc. You can also use trends, but for me it's pretty hard to know when a new fashion trend comes out, unless you check social media all the time to see what's new.


What inspires you? Choose photos YOU like, not because another person uploaded the photo and it got lots of hearts. That's what inspires them not you. People will know a little about you, and maybe even follow you AND heart your photos. If you go to my feed on @jerzology you will see makeup collections, flexibility things, and more. Those are my interests, things i'm passionate about, and things I love doing. That's one reason weheartit has the "Inspiration" Page. You might find somethings you like. If there's nothing there just go online and find something.


DO NOT act desperate for hearts, or followers. First: people could think your just going to use the number of followers to either attract more, or just brag about it. Then you might realize your follower number going DOWN. Just keep working hard, and maybe you could find a photo that inspires YOU and other people. Make sure you stay active and post photos daily to keep your followers. It'll show how much you respect them for helping them from 2 hearts to 2 thousand hearts.


Here are some other tips I got from some other people and more of my own. @HeyMyNameIsYasmin first I want to say she is AMAZING, from articles to personality, I just love her. Anyway, a tip I got from her which I never knew, is once your photo hits 3 hearts it goes to the "Discover" page. The longer it takes to hit 3 hearts it will then be at the bottom, but if you get 3 hearts fast enough, it can be at the very top, and when it's at the very top, if it is a good photo, not that any are, but if it catches someones eye, then you will realize the number of hearts get higher. Following others can improve your followers and hearting their images can improve your hearts because it's just being nice and if it's someone who has photos that inspire you, show support and you may get some back.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps you, these tips ere not shared to help people become "popular" just to get noticed and improve follow an hearts. Have a great day!
- Ari ♡