Traveling is something I love since I was a little kid. I think there are so many beautiful places around the world, so many adventures awaiting for us all, that I can't stop thinking about the moment I finally get to visit all these places. As Susan Sontag said, "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list". Today I want to share with you the list of some of the places I'm dying to visit someday.

1. Capri, Italy, the fancy paradise.

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Capri belongs to the Campania Region, on the Thyrrhenian Sea. It has been a summer destination for italians and foreingners since the moment the Roman Republic still existed. No wonder why everyone, including celebrities still love it. This island combines the beauty of nature -beautiful botanic gardens, magical sea caves, and pretty coast towns-, and the current luxuries celebrities adore -fancy restaurants and brand stores, and the charming streets decorated with flowers- in just one perfect spot.

Between the main touristic places -including the ones located in Anacapri, a separate comune in the west hills-, are Grotta Azzura, a sea cave where light shines through the water, Arco Naturale, a rock formation dating from the Paleolithic age, and Faraglioni, another beautiful rock formation on the middle of the sea.

2. Santorini, Greece.

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Santorini appeared on my list the moment I first watched The Sisterhood of the Traveler Pants. When I saw the turquoise waters and the white perfect streets I fell in love. Many people are obsessed with the idea of this part of Greece as much as I am.

Santorini is a volcaninc island located on the Aegean Sea, and despite of all the other islands in Europe, this one is still on the top the charts, maybe because its relaxing beaches, its beautiful sunsets and the amazing views of the ocean and the architecture. One of people's favorite spot is the infinity pool on a luxury boutique hotel, perfect place for an amazing instagram picture.

3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia, a louxurious landscape.

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Located in the French Polynesia, Bora Bora is the touristic destination of many celebrities. Who wouldn't like to stay in the Four Seasons Hotel? Waking up with a great view of the sea, and going to sleep after looking at a sky full of stars.

For me this a perfect destination for a honey moon, it's a romantic paradise with a lot of activities to do, such as hiking, snorkelling on the clear turquoise waters, kitesurfing, parasailing or attending to typical festivals.

4. New York City, USA, the city of dreams.

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I'm pretty sure all of you will think this is such a cliche, but the city that stars a thousand of movies couldn't stay out of my list. I don't even know when I excaltly started liking it, it feels like I've been in love with New York during all my life.

From Central Park and The Empire State to the Madison Square Garden, I think this is a city full of life and beauty. The noisy streets, the city lights at night and all the stores... Honestly this is the city I would like to live in. I enjoy so badly watching Gossip Girl lol.

I really hope you enjoyed this article. I apologize about grammar mistakes, English is my second language.
If you liked it heart it! See you on the next article <3