Summertime. Warmth. No stress. Freedom. A time for you and me to become closer without the pressure of school on our backs. A time where we can spend genuine time with one another.

A time filled with laughter and love. Stargazing and sunset watching. Hiking and ice cream shop stops. It's a time where we can be together as much as we want.

I want the summer all to myself with you.

I want the days to feel like years when I'm with you. I want to cherish all of our memories and never forget them after ten years passes. I want summer. I want you.

I want you with me the entire time, whether it's when we're running along the shoreline, water splashing at our ankles, or when we're laughing until our stomachs hurt at a funny movie we're watching at a drive-in theatre.

I want summer to come quicker and I want it to stay.

If only time could actually freeze, like everybody says. Then I could have the whole summer with you and it would feel like an eternity.