Step 1.) WASH ya face girl....never I repeat NEVER put on makeup without a clean face. It clogs your pores and looks cakey. Use a cleanser for your skin type. Exfoliate as well.

Step 2.) Moisturize!! Even if you have oily skin. If you have oily skin use an oil free product or gel.

Step 3.)PRIME I use a spray. Wait a while to let your moisturizer set in before you go in with primer. AGAIN use things specifically for your skin type

Step 4.) Use a lightweight foundation or BB cream. If you have blemishes use something medium coverage and build it up or use concealer. Wait at each layer to put more on. Use your CLEAN fingers first to dot it on and use a damp beauty blender to blend.

Tip If you have dry skin add in oil into your foundation to give yourself a glowy look. If you have oily skin DON'T! That glow will come through later.*

Step 5.) Use a translucent powder to set the under eye with a brush. Lightly blend all over especially where you get oily.

Step 6.) Bronze up your face with a powder. Harsh contour will ruin this natural look.

Step 7.) Curl your lashes and add some mascara. The mascara is optional. Curling your lashes opens up your eyes. Fill in the brows with pencil or set in with brow gel for a more natural look.

Step 8.) Lipgloss. Pretty simple. Clear lip gloss is great. Brings out your natural lip color.

Step 9.) Highlight!! If you have oily skin less is more.

Step 10.) Setting spray!! You didn't work this hard for it to come off right away.