I don't remember the day
I realized
That his eyes
Were filled with lies
That I'd soon come to despise
But still buy sometimes
Because I like the way
He made me feel inside
And I don't remember the day
I changed
From some sunshine ray
To a different name
That my mother hadn't gave
Because I would always remember
The way he would say
My real one as if there was a y
Tightly hugging the k
But I try to remember the days
Where I was smart
And didn't let my stupid heart
Convince my brain
That he was my light in the dark
And I didn't believe
He played the role or acted the part
Of the character he
thought he created perfectly
To end from start
And sometimes I can make up days
Where I pretend
He was the one who was played
And I was the one who made
The game
And I was the one who created
The pain
That would follow him around
Like the carts of a train
And some may say
I'm clinically insane
Because even after a year
I'm still trying to get out
The invisible blood stain
That he left in my dress
When he reached inside my chest
And took my heart away
And then there are days
When I just sleep in
And I try my best
Not to dream of him
But if I do
I just think about his accent
And lie
And say that was the only reason
Now those days
When into sleep, I force myself fall
Those days are my favorite
Of all