My Anxiety is
My Anxiety is a dull ache in my chest that won’t go away.
My anxiety is a headache that doesn’t hurt a headache that feels like a storm is going on in my head of all weather snowstorms to sandstorms.
My Anxiety is locating a bathroom when I enter a public place in fear of throwing up
My Anxiety is waking up from a sound sleep sick and shivering in the middle of the night for no reason,
My anxiety is not being able to sleep
My Anxiety is the voice inside my head that says I can't do it. The voice that says I will never make it.
The voice that preached self-doubt.
Doubting my smartness my goals and my talent
My Anxiety is the voice that tells me to kill myself
Because I will never be successful in the future.
My anxiety is worrying about the little things in life
The little things seem huge like monsters
The little things are huge in the eyes of anxiety
THe little things are a little mouse making huge shadow
In the house.
My anxiety is false thoughts, false worries, and false hate
My anxiety is in my life
But it is not my life
I am not my anxiety
I am not weak, nor stupid nor should I ever give up.
My anxiety is not evil
It's a part of my brain that is sick
Overworked and is overthinking
To end my anxiety I must not hate it
I must help it.
It must be soothed it must be comforted
It must be fixed.
For my anxiety needs help so I can help me.
For my anxiety means well.
My anxiety is me looking at colleges early
It is me checking the time constant so I will not be late
My anxiety is making sure I have everything prepared
My anxiety is making sure I will be ready for the future
You see my anxiety has two sides the good and the bad,
Just like you and me.