RuelleDeep end
"It's getting close
I lose control
It's taking over
It's getting close
I lose control
It's taking over

She was alone, the hall empty. Her heart was beating faster than normal. She didn't know it could beat that fast.
The voices inside her head telling and whispering, all of them taking control over her. She didn't know what to do.
He appeared in front of her, with a smile. His white wings spreading, softly and brightly.
She wanted to touch them. He offered his hand to her. She wanted to take it. But then, a devilish glow in his almost transparent eyes showed up.
Then she knew... She knew it was a monster, and that was her deep end.

"Like light in my veins,
Darkness is sinking
Darkness is sinking me
Commanding my soul
I am under the surface
Where the blackness burns beneath