Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for reading my articles. I truly enjoy writing them. Since school is starting back up I have decided to write an article sharing my advice to you. Let's get started!


  • Use A Planner

If you're in middle school or just starting high school, this isn't as important to you. But, if you're in the junior or senior year of high school or in college, using a planner is a great way to stay organized and not feel so stressed about everything. Wouldn't less stress be nice? Try the Happy Planner for an easy to use and completely customizable planner this year!

planner, school, and washi tape image
Happy Planner & Washi Tape

Planners and washi tape go together like chocolate and peanut butter :)


  • Shoes

Wear comfy shoes. It may be tempting to wear those really cute and trendy shoes that you love, but, are you still going to love them even after walking around school for eight hours a day? Best invest in some cute and comfy sneakers.

fashion, fitness, and girls image Image removed converse, shoes, and white image nike, shoes, and pink image
Adidas, Nike, Converse
  • Water

Staying hydrated is so important. Being at school is no exception.

bottle, palm leaves, and trend image


  • Essentials

At school, it's nice to have a small pouch to keep in your backpack or locker to keep necessities such as extra hair ties, hand sanitizer, a brush, makeup remover, deodorant, gum, chapstick, liners, tampons, and pads, bobby pins, touch up makeup, body spray, and some extra cash just in case.

school image


  • Instant Spot Remover

I don't know about you, but I can be clumsy and somehow always manage to get food on me at some point in the day. Instant spot remover to the rescue! Tide to go works well or Shout wipes. You can keep this in your essentials pouch or purse, backpack, or locker.

lol image
Tide To Go Pen


  • Purse

Have a cute purse or back pack purse to keep essentials with you when you're in class.

accessories, backpack, and black image
Back Floral Backpack Purse


  • Lanyard

Another thing that comes with being clumsy: losing your keys. If you're driving to school, a lanyard can help you find your keys quickly and help you hold onto them so you don't drop them.

dog, keys, and pink image
Victoria Secret PINK Lanyard


  • Study

Studying may not be what you want to do with your time on a Wednesday night, but with the right tools, studying can be a breeze. Try color coding your notes either with sticky notes or pens and sharpies. Make it fun!

school, colors, and study image notes, post it, and school image
Post It Notes & Sharpies


  • Snacks

If you're allowed to bring food to school, bring snacks! Your brain functions better when you've had something to eat. And school is simply just more enjoyable when you're snacking on vanilla cupcake goldfish. Bring candy and reward yourself for sitting through that tough class. You've earned it.

candy, food, and snacks image


  • Don't Stress

I know that's easier said than done but honestly the more you stress about it, the more you'll find things to be stressed about. Midschool and high school are not everything. Don't worry about fitting in or being popular. Have fun, do you, and enjoy it!

That's all I've got to say. Hope I helped!

Thanks for reading my article! And, if you're looking for more back to school inspiration, check out my "What's In My Backpack - Senior Year" and "Back To School Outfit Inspiration - Senior Year" articles.