Let's talk about dreams... not about the dreams we usually have at night but that ones that are similiar to goals or life goals to be exact.
Are those supposed to happen at some point in your life or they will always be some kinda "somethings" that will always be out of our reach?

I mean... if we are talking about these life goals like dream job, career, lifestyle etc it's kinda obvious we are going to work to get them but life always has its twists and turns and some things may never go to plan. When it comes to this subject, I have to admit that i'm never negative but sometimes these "what if my dreams never happen?" thoughts appear and i start to get upset about it obviously. I feel like my dreams are out of reach sometimes but there's times that I just think "yeah they are going to happen I am working to get them after all" and feel at ease again.

To make this thoughts more visual to you I'll talk about my dreams. I really love music. I love to write it, sing it and play it. My big lifetime dream is to be in a rock (or pop punk i don't yet) band and perform live and basically have a career in music. Before you ask, yes I am working for it! I'm on singing classes for four years now, I've learn to play guitar by myself and I play it for almost three or four years now and I've written a song and even put it on soundcloud that by the way I'm really proud of it (here's the song if you wanna hear it: https://soundcloud.com/tris-951720380/lonely-places-original-song).

Now here comes the tricky part... I live in Portugal and in my country they don't really care about musicians. You probably never heard of a portuguese singer because they only get attention in Portugal. It's hard for me to see many people with so much talent not being recognized by the world. I honestly don't wanna be like them. I wanna be different. My dreams are too big for this country that's why I wanna go to LA and try something. It may be a shot in the dark but at least i tried. If by any chance i end up in LA I will try to go LACM (Los Angeles College of Music) and start there. I'm finishing school this year and I still don't know what to do because i want to go to this college so bad but my parents want me to stay here in this dead end for me and my dreams. It doesn't make any sense for me to stay here any longer when I have all planned out but then again my plans may not go the way I always imagined but at least I could say that i tried to go after my dreams and decided to do something that was going to make me really happy.

Something inside me tells me it's gonna happen but you never know. The future is so uncertain that sometimes i think it would be easier for me to know what is going to happen but at the same time i don't wanna know because I would do everything to change it and I would never learn something from the actions that I'm doing on the present.

In conclusion, dreams may happen or not happen it's quite bad if they don't obviously but I just hope they do happen that my dedication is gonna be worth it in the end.

-Tris (@floralpvnk)
Cover image taken by me