That first look. when nothing else matters besides you two. The whole world stops around you and you feel like nothing could be wrong, because being next to him in that exact moment is more than enough for you to have to courage to conquer the world. Being in love and looking to that special someone for the first time and realizing that the feeling is mutual, has no type of description.
Life can be a little bit complicated sometimes, but when it comes to enjoying that type of tiny, intimate moments are the ones that make everything better. We might not even notice them sometimes because we are too nervous to even breath. But the memory of feeling loved and being able to love at the same time, stays forever in our hearts.
That first look can become the perfect way to overcome a problem, to stop for a second and enjoy the beauty of being alive, to realize that we are here to be happy and to give love to everyone.

-Thoughts Of a Normal Girl.