And you ask her, what is your favorite flower?
And of course she answers roses..
Oh what a suprice, you think right?
Come on girl..this world is a full of girls that love it's something sooo special..sorry but it's not!
There are so many different flowers in this world..
And you are propably thinking right now why are you writing like you are angry because of roses and you are going to receive your answer..
I am really angry with people generally because like with roses, people prefer to adore the most expected, the most easy to adore that you are sure that everyone else or a big number of others are going to agree with you because deep of you,you are afraid so much of disapproval..
And now i am going to ask you, are you gonna be really happy if you always think what others going to think if you say how is your reality, what you really like, what you really want..
Roses are beautiful of course but the most unique flowers that are really for you, they haven't even heard from the most people of this planet..