Never let yourself feel like you have absolutely no energy in your body. Never let somebody else lead you to this horrible feeling. Nobody and nothing is worth it.

I still remember the joy I felt with him, as it was some bitter-sweet present. It seemed a bit unusual, to be honest, but still I didn't want to give it any thought. I guess it was easier to give myself to that moment and live it like that.
Since hours usually turn into minutes if you're enjoying something, it was time to leave that warm and comfy bed and go out facing the cold of that incredibly silent night of November. I never thought that I'll be leaving my complete energy in that house.

How low can you go?

That was the first thought on my mind as the cold air hugged my trembling body while I felt like years have flown by and all the life was suddenly leaving my heart. A horrifying feeling was growing in my gut, making me so confused, nauseas like it's just a matter of second when I'll be throwing up. I feel so sorry for myself because going through that was extremely hard. That was the moment when my whole body was alarming me about something I was pushing aside for a long time - the feeling that something is so terribly wrong...

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