Chokers have been around for centuries and have been known as real fashion statements for women, up until the mid-2000s, but has picked up once again in about 2013-14. If you have never worn one before, or don't intend to, let this article attempt to change your stance on them.

For something that you can hold in the palm of your hand, it is as if your slender neck has an outfit of its own. If you have tops or dresses and want something to occupy that bare neck or chest area, the choker is a go-to accesory.

Wear one, and feel empowered. Get down at the night club, get fierce in a photoshoot, head-bang to some heavy metal, or simply go out at night to harness the moon's energy. Whatever you do, you will look like a stunner doing it!

choker, latina, and makeup image
Brazilian model Aline Riscado. Looking great, despite the sun in her face, that is.

For being worn around the neck, wearing a choker compliments your face as well as your torso, adding style to your head and body at the same time. Look at the photo above once more and picture what Aline would look like without one. She would look incomplete of course!

If you are one of few girls who don’t want to get piercings, or just doesn’t like wearing makeup for that matter, a choker is the best substitute to make you still look like a million bucks!

Regardless how you style your hair, or how your body looks, or how old you are, you will always be one step above with one of the right kinds of choker necklaces. Here are several types that we recommend you look closer into.

The Basic

bag, blonde, and choker image
Russian model Alena Shishkova. Purpling it up...

These are everywhere, but they're hot! Put one on and look sexy. Rub your finger against its velvety ribbon and hear sexy. These babies make quite a statement and have been for hundreds of years. They come in various different widths and are all very inexpensive (if you only purchase one that is).

If you hate handling the clasp at the end, you can buy chokers in nylon on Etsy, or buy headbands that stretch as short as your neck, and you can just slip them on over your head.

The Rocks

beads, blue, and british image
Stock photo of businesswoman.

Only notably worn today by Marge and Lisa Simpson, beaded chokers have been less and less common through the decades, and have only been recently sold in a decent number of hispanic countries. Plastic, wood, and metal beads of varying shapes, pearls, shells, and more are just a few of many different beaded chokers that you can buy or make on you own. Our personal favorite of these are disc shaped beads, giving the choker a slick, tube like look.

You can buy them in varying colors to compliment with other outfits that you had in mind. You can even make them in more than one color. Red and blue beads are known as "berries". Just remember that the bigger the beads are, the longer the necklace has to be to fit around your neck.

The Metal

artist, chain, and choker image
YouTube personality Kandee Johnson. Showing that hardware off for the world to see.

Oversized chains have been increasing in popularity, and their metallic appearance is what makes it versatile in any type of culture. The curb links have been killing it in fashion lately! Whether in gold or silver, or another color for plastic, they come in sizes of big, to really big, and look stylish on women that love to brag about their checkbooks.

One caveat to the curb link style choker is that every time you wear it, it should be straightened to before putting it on, so that it can lay flat. But other than that, it really makes a statement!

The Charm

choker, movie, and necklace image
Amy Smart as Jamie Palamino from Just Friends. Don't you just want to touch that and go "boop!"?

These make you flirtatious. Coins, stones, crosses, hearts, cameos, lockets. Small pendants go fiery along with velvet, suede, and cords. Wear them tight around your neck or have them rest against your jugular notch. If you have one or two collarbone tattoos, you will love how this will look around your neck.

Believe it or not, but you actually have the power to hypnotize people! Shake your body side to side and that baby will sway. You boyfriend, your colleagues, or even your boss will be under your power.

You might already have a necklace with a long chain, but please. It won’t make you face look hot if you don’t wear it short!

The Massive Gun!

black, dress, and korean girl image
Korean pop singer and actress IU. I rate this look a 25 out of 10.

This! That massive bling is what will separate princesses from queens, artists from icons, warriors from heroes, goths from demons, bosses from rulers, and winners from champions. Deck out that neck with a jumbo cross, star, medal, medallion, heart, ankh, cameo, locket, key, crystal, or moon, and feel some real magic and power.

If you don't have a huge pendant, or don't know where to find one, there are some beautiful silver cross ornaments (yep!) that you can find on eBay (yep!). Or if you can’t afford one, you can get 2 of these large pendants for just 4 bucks, and go great with any style.

penny dreadful and madame kali image
Helen McCrory as Evelyn Poole from Penny Dreadful. Fortune teller? Or ruler of the universe?

Even though you are free to show off that mad bling, there are some things that can hinder your personal appeal.

Firstly, we don’t recommend layering. Wear one necklace or the other, but not two or more. Wearing multiple necklaces doesn’t look as good as wearing just one. Unless you are Mr T., layering doesn’t make much sense. If you want to put a pendant from one necklace onto a shorter necklace, you can certainly do that.

Secondly, the “tattooed” style chokers are simply not listed in this article simply because a velvet or ribbon choker can do the job better. Their “tattooed” patterns are hard to see from far away. That isn’t to say that they are strictly prohibited, but in most cases, they are hard to identify unless you look at somebody wearing it from close up.

What other accesories go great with a choker?

We encourage many kinds of earrings; Earrings from pearls to big fancy ones can look jaw-dropping with a choker, but nothing really clicks with a choker like big hoop earrings.

blonde, choker, and earrings image
Russian model Anna Chaikovskaya. Fabulous, fabulous, and fabulous!

If you wish, try to find a set of jewelry that include earrings and necklace that look the same, and just shorten the necklace into a choker.

There are no rules with sunglasses! We find all shapes, sizes and colors to be attractive, whether wearing them over your face or on your head.

choker, Hot, and sunglasses image
American actress Alexandra Pomales. Wearing a full set of headwear (except for a hat that is) with some beautiful wavy hair.

With that said, can a man wear a choker? The trends of the Korean pop music scene aside, there are only a few circumstances for a man to pull one off: If a man has long hair, shaves his face often, and likes being on the “dark” side on the outfit spectrum, (i.e.: goth) then it is something that shouldn’t be out of the question.

1998, abs, and belly image
Former WWE wrestler Edge.

As you can see, there are various styles of the choker and can easily be worn to make you and your outfit look much hotter. Chokers should be here to stay; don’t wear one just because it’s currently a trend, wear one to give your look an upgrade! If you're looking to up your choker game, buy at least one of each type mentioned in this article; either find some great chokers to go with your clothes, or find some clothes to go with that ravishing neck candy! Here are some apparel suggestions to wear with a choker necklace:

Tank top
Corset w/ gloves
Sleeveless vest
Open chested crop top
Puffy chested top
Polo shirt
Business jacket
Strapless gown
Trench coat
High collar fur coat

black, cameo, and dress image
Czech fashion designer Riwaa Nerona.