Hi there!

This is the second time i try to write this, hope this one goes out.

So as we can all state just by reading this, WHI dropped this new feature that allow us to write whatever it goes through our minds. Pretty cool, uh?
Personally I love to write (even though my writing sucks, not even being modest, just really honest), and since this is the only community that I belong and no one know that i will probably use this feature so I can share messy thoughts that i have, or just some random stuff and talking about my day.

Since this is my first article I should introduce myself, i guess.
My name is Nicole and I'm a 18 yo portuguese girl. If everything turns out right, this year I'll go to uni to study Forensics and Criminal Sciences!! I've been on WHI for a few years but i keep creating and deleting accounts bc I'm a person with a lot of different tastes. Hopefully I can manage to organize all the things that i like in this account!

I guess it's all for this post, hope you liked it even tho it's nothing special, see ya xx