Lots of people are unwilling to go to school mainly because of bullies. Unfortunately bullies will always show up and so in this guide I'll share some ways about how to deal with them.

Laugh it off

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The best way to avoid bullies right off the bat is to not let them get to you. Bullies like easy targets so when you laugh they'll most likely leave you alone. If this is not the case, read further for more tips.

Look at it from a different perspective

In no reason am I saying that it's okay for them to be bullying you but to instead just think about why might they be doing it. Think about it, they're probably just insecure and to make themselves feel better, they put someone else down.

Find true friends

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Finding a bff or a nice group of friend can make you entirely forget about the bully. In fact, if the bully still decides to bully you, you'll now have some friends to back you up.

Compliment them

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Leave a positive comment to the bully. This shows that you're not affected by them and it's also nice if they're maybe just having a bad day.

Tell someone

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If the bullying still persists, talk to someone you trust who can step in, (Parent, teacher, coach, etc). Remember, you're not weak if you tell someone, you're strong.

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