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A whole throwback.

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Anywho, I woke up this morning with the thought to get my messy ass life together and part of that idea was to start journalling and instilling habits.

I figured I should get an idea of how I want to improve my life before my junior year of high school rolls around and beats my ass mentally. Which is sooner than it sounds, I start school, September 5th.

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At this point, my only hope is that I keep up with this article thing because I could see this becoming pretty cool to look back on in the future.

Warning: this is gonna be all over the place because I truly believe a good introduction is always hella messy, especially when it's a small window into someone's soul.

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A Glimpse Into My Soul

I think the best way to do this is to do bullet points so here are 11 bullet points that'll summon me up in one go.

• I'm 16 years old
• I'm be doing a rigorous high school program called Internation Baccalaureate, fuck me
• I'm a Virgo
• I listen to a wide variety of music, including kpop
• I'm African, specifically Ivorian and Burkinabé American
• I'm female and go by she/her
• I love reading and writing
• I'm currently experimenting with make up
• I'm Muslim
• I enjoy watching kdramas, anime, and tv shows
• Aspiring lawyer

I'll probably end up redoing this later on down the line because there's so much more to me than what I listed but yeah.

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What To Expect

Well, I did say I am trying to better my life so expect articles on my progress when it comes to organizing myself better, rants about school and relationships of all kinds, fangirling, and just interesting and random stuff.

The Wrap-Up

This was fun, toodles.

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