Tanned skin is one of the best features we get during the summer. Unfortunately, just as sunny days, she is soon gone. I just returned from an amazing trip, back to the mundanity, and except the memories, everything is starting to fade away, including my skin. When I first noticed that, I was sad because it reminded me that all great things come to an end sooner than later and that every trace of Greece, beach nights with friends and that kiss on one early morning are more and more behind me.

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But then, I realized how soft and fresh is that new skin that’s starting to appear. It has that special glow that only a young skin can have and it represents another beginning. One thing always leads to another, so my thought itinerary took me even further into the past. A few months ago I was in a really dreadful place mentally, and I felt like I will stay there for a long, long time. Of course, as many would assume, I was getting over a break up with someone who almost meant the world to me. It’s such a terrifying and a sensational feeling at the same time when you get to love someone after you thought you will never experience that again. I loved again and I lost again. That left me disoriented, confused and with a big emotional scar. Now, when I look back at that girl, even if that was only five months ago, I see that that is a whole different person. She thought that she became the final version of herself when she met him. She thought that she has experienced the maximum amount of happiness you get in your life with him. Yeah, that foolish girl really believed that she has spent all her happy coins in that relationship.

What else? She had different skin. It may sound too obvious and trivial, but how aware are we of that really? Our skin regenerates approximately every 27 days. Laugh, but that’s fascinating to me. That super tissue has the capacity to change and repair, to survive the trauma and start over. It may take time, depending on the damage, but it will leave you with a whole new layer of skin, ready for new damages, kisses, and pain. You might end up with a scar, but you can live with it, that’s a natural result of a healing process. And you get a bonus because a scar almost always comes with a cool story. Or at least, a story that says you are a fighter and a survivor.

Looking at new layers of my skin, I feel ready and ecstatic with what’s about to come. Oh, I can’t wait to see what these layers will experience, feel and with what stories will they fade away. I know that at one point it will probably hurt and that tears will fall over my skin again, but eventually, she will witness new amounts of happiness and joy. Because remember, you don’t need what’s left behind, that’s a story you already know. Open up to what’s in front of you, it might have that unique glow, just like the young skin under the layers of the fading one.

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