1. With longs necks we tend to have an model appearance, so turtle necks, and tight shirts, with long sleeves, or blouse will give you a stunning look.

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2.With long, and tall legs (5'6-5'11), you need to find the perfect look, skinny jeans, or high waist jeans would look perfect, and alluring.

3.High cheek bones, but tint or any of your favorite blush on the side or little above your cheeks, and for non high cheek bones but a little bit tint on your cheeks.

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4.For a extremely attractive appearance, have your hair down, and free for more youthful, and beautiful look. Ghanaian braids(African American, Multiracial etc Black girls in general), letting out curly hair and other box braids would look perfect for long necks, and broad shoulders

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For more of a stunning appearance.

This is beauty, and fashion tips fore female who are slender, slim, skinny, tall, and hold the traits of long neck, and broad shoulders, though, i hope this helps y'all tbh.