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Hello fellows, I hope you are doing great. If you are not doing well I could give you some advice to make the best out of it.

Calm down
I know it is hard to think about anything but the thing that occupies you, but try to get as relaxed as possible. Get in your room and turn the volume on or read a good book anything that distracts you is good.

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Literally just be like this guy.
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Or just shake it off, lol. I need to stop I'm not Taylor.

Draw, scribble, paint, spray, bulid. Do anything you like. Even if it doesn't turn out to be a masterpiece, it is no big deal. You can find comfort in the colours and the silence will eventually mend your soul. And maybe it will be a masterpiece.

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Don't get lost in that bad feeling
If you are sad that's totally fine. Youst try to not sink into the sadness and finally become one with it. Again try to distract yourself. Groom yourself. Do your nails, try new hairstyles, or simply combine your clothes new or rearrange your closet.

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Simply create something

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You can replant flowers, change the setting of your room (maybe replicate room decoring diy's), write poems or songs. The more effort you put in it the more you get distracted.

Get yourself some company. You don't have to carry all the weight on your own. Share your sorrow with a beloved person. You will instantly feel relieved.

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Also they can help distacting you from your thoughts. Maybe you could watch a movie or start a new TV show with them.

Some Shows I currently enjoy are:

  • Riverdale
  • Stranger Things
  • Finding Carter
  • Drake and Josh
  • Sense 8
  • Empire

There are waaay more. If you want me to list them up, send me a postcard fellows!

Talk about it
I know I said something similar in the previous tip but it is really important to talk about your problem. Other people can help you to consider things from another perspective. Maybe together you can find a solution. You can also keep a diary or a journal if you don't want or simply can't talk to anybody. There are also several telephone counselling services in which you stay anonymous.

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So guys, if you made it till here I am glad you visited my wall. It is also a good sign (you are already trying to do something). If you need more advice or simply an opened ear you can always send me a postcard. I hope my effort wasn't useless and I could help you a little bit. If you want to follow me on other social media platforms I will have them linked down below.
Thank you for reading! Stay lovely

xoxo Sam




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