So how cool is this? I've been for his feature for years!! All 2.5K of you probably just stumbled across my account when you saw a picture you liked on your feed or discovered one of collections in your notifications and no one really knows much about each other. So I thought for my first post, you should get to me...
As my username and bio suggest my name is Chelsea and I was born in 1999 on October 23rd. I can't really remember how I discovered WHI but I remember falling in love with it and my account growing quite fast back in 2014. A lot has changed since then as you can tell if you look through some of my older posts! I remember becoming a 2015 heartist and I was so chuffed. Now, in 2017, I'm sitting in my little bedroom with 2.5K, its insane.
In future posts, I hope you get to know me more and have an insight to what floats my boat in terms of fashion and beauty but also just to have a chilled chat too.
And to new people who have just discovered me, a cheeky follow would mean the world.
Thanks Sweethearts
C xoxo