I was sitting on Tom's reading a magazine and drinking a tea to warm me. Outside it was very cold and people went into the coffee shop to guard. I wasn't paying too much attention to all the people who were aorund me, until the door bell rang again.

I raised the view and the first thing I saw were his blue eyes, so deep as the sea. Later, his blond hair like gold caught my attention. He was a fairly common guy, but looking at him, I knew that he wasn't like the other guys I knew.

I could not avert his gaze from him, and when he looked at me, I felt as my cheeks heated. He walked through the coffe shop until he got right next to me. He was smiling, and I can remember how my heart was beating so fast.

- Excause me, I don't want to bother you, but the coffe shop is full and I have no where to sit, do you mind if I share the table with you?

The first thing I thought was that he was a stranger and that I've never seen him, but something inside me was telling me to say yes, so that's what I did.

- Thank you very much... - he took a sit - It's so cold outside and I wanted a very hot coffe...

His voice was so friendly and soft, I felt completely calm. I smiled at him and nodded.

- Yes, I wanted a hot tea... tha's why we are sharing this table, we wanted the same.

- Yeah - he smiled again - I'm Alex...

- Nice to meet you, my name is Samantha.

- That's a beautiful name.

- Thank you.

I was dying of shame, but soon, after a long time of conversation, I felt pretty comfortable.

- Oh my God, It's too late - I said after looking at the time - I have to go.

- Oh - he looked down - I expected to have a longer talk.

- Did you? - I was surprised.

- Is it okay if we meet again? Maybe tomorrow, here.

- Are you asking me on a date?

- Why are you so surprised?

- I don't know, I just can't avoid it.

- Well, is it okay?

- Yeah, at the same time, in the same table.

- Perfect - he said while he smiled - see you tomorrow.

I looked at him a few seconds and then I took risk to ask something I was interested in.

- Why do yo want to have a date with me? - I said as fast as I could.

- Being honest - he said smiling - because when I came into the coffe shop and saw you, I thought that you were a fairly common girl, but then I realized that you were not like the other girls I know. That's why I wanted to meet you.

It will continue...