The most important thing is to convey the idea of ​​the subject clearly. This is possible through the setting and decoration, so you should give a lot of importance to all items that are designable or personalizable. Get inspired with these ideas!

1. Strange places

Hawaiian Party

This type of party offers a lot of game and is ideal, especially for the summer season. You can celebrate both in the living room of your house, as a terrace or garden. The decoration uses floral motifs, palm trees, torches, but also the wooden elements will be suitable. With regard to food and drink, you can not miss a good banquet, full of tropical fruits but above all must be present pineapple and skewers. To drink usally, they elaborate the sober, piña colada and not forgetting the classic Hawaiian cocktails like "Mai Tai" and "Blue Hawai".

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Parisian Party

If you are bohemian and romantic, this theme is ideal. Usually, they use the colors black, white and pink but also pastel colors. The decoration must have images of Paris as the iconic eiffel tower, also the berets and mustaches are also impressive. With regard to food and drink you must have something elegant as a traditional or gourmet style catering. However you can not miss the chocolates, the jelly beans and the good wines. Finally, with a bit of classic French music you will fill it with fun and you will not stop.

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Arab Party

If you want to surprise everyone with a celebration away from the traditional and very original. What do you think of a thematic party of the thousand and one nights ?. First of all, the decoration can not miss the embroidered cushions, sofas, colorful armchairs, in addition tents with fabrics or veils hanging warm, bright and transparent. Lamps, candles, carpets and hookahs are also used in this decoration. At this party you can not miss the food in abundance, and the best you can have is a traditional Arabic food catering, so you can offer a variety of drinks and food. To enliven this celebration belly dance dances are performed to the rhythm of oriental music. Lastly do not forget the invitations (in the form of scrolls or signature books) must be original and ask preferentially to go dressed according to the celebration.

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Hollywodian Party

There are different types of Hollywood party that you can carry out: the time of silent film, a film set and oscar. But you can be creative and know how to carry these concepts. We started with the decoration, you can not miss the luxury, a red carpet along the corridor, prepare a photocall, and fill the place with some posters of movies and emblematic characters. On the other hand, the music will be essential, so the best thing you can do is to prepare a list of songs of your favorite films, that are pleasant to sing and have fun. Finally, give some original invitations and ask your guests to wear disguises according to your subject.

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Hippie Party

In a hippie party everything is allowed, that yes "makes love and not war". This celebration is very crazy, full of color and much march. The first thing you should have is a very hippie pie, which is going to be the main thing. You can not miss the colors, for it spreads cushions on the floor, colored glasses, lava lamps, also decorates with balloons, symbols of peace and introduces herbs and decorative flowers in the ice. You must have many flowers to decorate and if possible a place outdoors. As for music, any song by John Lenon, The Beatles or The Dors will be in tune with what you want to convey. Finally ask your guests to wear a wreath, scarves on the head and a lot of colors. The party will be ideal.