Everyone was asleep, it was night.
And this part of the day was my favorite somehow.
Was it because no one could see me weep?
Was it because I just could stare at the moon without anyone realizing how sad I was?
And no my dear, I'm not depressed, My heart is just full of sadness.

I always felt like an outsider. like I didn't belong here, in this place, with these people. And as much as I tried to be happy, I just couldn't. I feel like a stranger in this world. It doesn't understand my silence and I won't understand it's language. And yes, I tried to love it's inhabitants. in fact... I gave my whole heart to them, but they always ended up hurting me.
But here I am; my heart it still full of love, but none of it is for myself.
These memories shattered my heart into tiny pieces, and it made me doubt myself. What did I do wrong? Why did people leave me when I loved them? The words of a famous scholars pops up in my mind:

"I have nothing. Nothing good is from me, and nothing good is for me."

And with these thoughts I fell asleep.