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When you study, it's really hard to stay focused. Everyone knows the struggle, especially if you're preparing for any kind of exams and you have to read for about 10-14 hours a day.

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Even if you are a person who likes studying or one who literally hates it, here are some advice for making studying easier for you:

Create a program

Always remember to create a program for your entire day. Make a list and write down anything you want to do in the particular day. In this way, you can be more organised. Remember not to be harsh on yourself and leave some free time for entertainment and relaxing.

Start from the difficult tasks

Try to start your reading from the most difficult part of it since your mind is still clear. This way, you will finish them more quickly than you would if you chose you leave them for later. Once they are finished, you will feel more relaxed and the other tasks will seem like a piece of cake.

Repeat loud

Read your notes or your lesson aloud to yourself. Speaking and hearing the words, instead of just silently reading them on paper, will reinforce the material in a whole new way. If you think you remember every detail, repeat it until you get it right.

Write it down

If you have to memorise something, write it down without looking at your textbook. When you're done, check it for any mistakes and then, study them carefully.

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Best time to study

Morning is the ideal time of the day to study. Try to wake up early in the morning because that's the time your mind will be the clearest through the day. Also, avoid reading at night since you may find it hard to remember anything at all. You will feel tired and you won't accomplish anything.

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Sleep well

Lack of energy comes from lack of sleep. Sleeping for about 7-8 hours will make you more productive through the day. Also, a 30-minute sleep at noon is essensial for relaxing and good since you will rest for a bit.

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Studying and breaks

Prefer to read for about 30-60 minutes and then take a 10-minute break. Your brain will assimilate every detail you would have read so far in that short break and you will also rest in between tasks.

Avoid interruptions

Choose a place in your house where you will minimize distractions. Be alone and ask your family not to bother you for silly things. Pick anything you may need and seems useful while studying so you won't have to suspend your studies for later.

Stay away from social media and technology

Social media is the reason why we waste so many hours on our phones. Remember to turn off your phone or put it on mute while studying. Try, also, to keep all the gadgets you own away from you.

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Clean and familiar environment

Prefer to study in your room to feel more comfortable and keep your desk clean. Don't leave too much stuff on it, keep only the things you're about to study.

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Listen to music

Make a playlist of relaxing songs and listen to it only on easy tasks. Play it only on low volume so it won't be a distraction. It will make your reading seem less boring. Prefer classical music or similar music without lyrics, since songs with lyrics might distract you away from your studies.

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Using a highlighter, you can emphasize more on the things and the details you find more important or harder to memorise than the other ones. This way, you'll save time and you'll know where you need to focuse on. You can even try different colours for specific information and take notes.

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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy choices equal to clear minds. Prefer healthy meals in small portions over fast food. When you're studying, you don't have enough time to exercise, even if that would be beneficial for your body and your mind. A healthy diet will provide you with all the vitamins your body needs. Also, remember to drink enough water. Don't follow a strict diet because that won't help at all with your studies since you will feel hungry through the entire day and your body and mind will feel weak to keep up with your daily plans.

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Drinking coffee makes you more energetic and therefore, less sleepy. Since I am a coffee lover, I highly recommend a cup of it on a daily basis, but don't overdo it. You don't wanna be hyperactive or unable to concentrate.

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I know that exercising is not your first priority right now but it will really be sufficient for you. Exercise will clear your mind. It's a way to get away from studying and it will also make you more productive than you were before. Choose something calming, such as pilates or yoga, and not a type of exercise which will exhaust you. But don't overdo it! When you're studying, 2 times a week excercising are enough for your body!

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Spending time with your friends and family can help you relax and get away from your daily routine. Don't hesitate to ask for advice! Many of your friends are going through the same stuff as you do. Talk about what bothers you! Also, you can ask for help at subjects which seem difficult.

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Take care of yourself

Take a day off or spend a few hours a week taking care of yourself and relax. You deserve it! Take a nice bath, watch a movie, go for a walk or whatever makes you feel good!

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Set goals

The most impostant lesson. Set small goals each day. Each achievement helps you get closer to your goals in life. Reward yourself each time you complete a task and be happy with yourself. Remember to forgive yourself because you're not perfect and you will make mistakes.

-Everybody experiences failure.
-Accept yourself.
-Believe in you.
-Fall seven times, stand up eight.

I hope you found my article useful. Thank you for your time.
Good luck in your exams.