"Because I love him," she whispered softly. Unshed tears welled up in her eyes and she shook her head back and forth as to clear them up. "God, I loved that man. I loved him so much that it hurt."

"What hurt?"

"Watching his face fall as I walked away from us, from the life we built together."

"Why did you leave him?"

"We were destroying each other," she sniffed out. "We were hurting each other. Mentally. Physically. Intentionally. One moment we'd be screaming, slamming doors. Gripping the others arm tightly to hold them in place as we threw every insecurity in their face. Watching the others face crumble. The next moment we'd be all over each other. Kissing, holding, caressing. We couldn't get enough of the other. We craved the attention. We were so intoxicated by the others presence, so drunk on our feelings that we were blind to the vicious cycle we had created," she dryly chuckled.

"Dodging swings, breaking things, threatening to leave. There were so many tears. So many nights spent with locked doors; curled up on the floor, sobbing. So many 'I'm sorry' and 'baby I love you'. But for every bad night there was a good. Breakfast in bed, kisses on foreheads, goodnight cuddles. So many days were spent with intertwined hands for support, words of encouragement, love. There were so many midnight chats and promises of the future," she broke off.

Author's note: I did write this myself and this is the first short story of mine that I've ever uploaded so please be kind. I'm always open to feedback, feel free to message me and let me know if you liked it or not! Thanks for reading (: