1-Watch a children's program. It doesn't matter what the age range is on the program.
2-Get on Google! Google is an amazing search engine which allows you to access pictures, video, and information on just about anything. Try googling different locations around the world. Check them out on Google maps. Read about these locations. Discover websites that uncover amazing facts about the location
3-Eat a new dish. Whether you're an amazing cook and can handle cooking a new dish,
4-Set goals. Even the smallest goals, including paying a bill on time or larger ones such as working to eliminate a debt will make you feel successful when you finally can cross them off. Anything worth having is worth working for, so don't get discouraged. Write at least 20 you'd like to accomplish in the next Year and work them off

5-Get comfortable with yourself. No amount of anything, be it money or otherwise, will make you happy if you are unhappy with yourself.
6-Accept past mistakes
7-Remember you are loved and you live to love.
8-Be Priceless. There is no amount of monetary value that can be placed on changing someone's life in a positive way. Be the first to lend a hand or simply listen to someone. Even if you aren't the person you'd like to be today, love yourself and send love to the person you're working so hard to become.