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Here's chapter 1


- Isabella Acero [ Main Character ]



{ Being Shady At A Young Age }

Isabella Acero is a very intelligent girl who began her first phone call prank at the age of eight. It was on a class mate who disliked Isabella. Her name was Ana. Ana had a bestfriend named Jenny, but during that school year Jenny had left for a new school and Ana had lost all contact with Jenny! Isabella knew very well that she had gotten Ana's home number from a friend a while back. This is when Isabella decided to take the opportunity and pretend to be "Jenny" over the phone! From time to time Isabella would call Ana and pretend to be "Jenny". In that process Isabella found out all the secrets Ana knew about her classmates and all the mean things she use to say about Isabella! After Isabella discovered all the details she stopped calling Ana! The strangest thing was she never found out or made out Isabella's voice when they've been in the same class all year! Remember to always before careful who you trust, even at a very young age!

Xoxo Trust No One, But Yourself!

{ New School }

When Isabella was nine, she started a new school. During the year Isabella met a new friend Sarah. They became very close and Sarah would visit her often. When Sarah and Isabella use to chill in the room together, they would get up to no good. Sarah use to have unlimited amount of airtime on her cellphone. This is when Isabella realised she had found her phone call pranking partner in crime!

{ Ordering Food For Fun }

This was Isabella and Sarah's first phone call prank together!
Sarah had taken a restaurant number that came up on her contacts list first. She began to call the number. When the guy answered the line, he spoke: "Welcome to Fish and Chips Express. Can I take your order please?!" Isabella was now in control and spoke: Could I please have four packets of chips, and four large fried fish with eight Cokes! The guy on the line spoke again: " Can I have your name ma'am and your telephone number? "
Isabella replied: "My name's Pam." In that process Isabella had given a wrong telephone number. Once the phone call ended, Sarah and Isabella couldn't stop laughing because they thought it had been the most hilarious thing they've done yet! I do wonder what happened to the " fake order" the restaurant had prepared!

Xoxo Young Trouble!

{ Ordering A Car }

Isabella had gotten a car dealer's number. It wasn't any car dealer, it was a Ferrari car dealer. Isabella then decided to call the dealership , but they both planned on taking turns to talk. The phone began to ring, but shortly a guy picked up. Isabella spoke: " Good afternoon, it's Lizzy speaking!" " I am interested in buying a red ferrari! " Isabella couldn't tell if the guy played a long or he was falling for the whole prank! The guy replied: " We'll order one for you!" " When can you come in?" Isabella replied: " My personal assistant will confirm with you now! Please hold for me!" Sarah than took over the call by pretending to be Isabella's personal assistant. Sarah spoke: " I'm her PA, and she'll be available next week Wednesday!" " We'll both come in!" Just then they cut the call and had a good laugh about their acting skills! " I do wonder if their Ferrari arrived? Or wasn't ordered? We'll never know!

Xoxo Young Trouble!

{ She Hates Him! }

Sarah had this one guy's number, who she hated for no reason. It was then when she decided it was a great idea to prank him with Isabella around! When they called he instantly answered! Sarah first spoke in a nice manner of pretence! It was than when Isabella grabbed the phone and started swearing him and telling him how she was going to beat him up! Isabella was going crazy like a gangster! Just then he cut the call! Sarah tried calling him the second time! When he answered the second time, Sarah and Isabella ganged up on him and went more gangster than the first time! This time round Isabella and Sarah were more clever, they cut the call before he could cut it. The strange part was, after all the psycho threatening he called back a few time's but they kept ending the call on him! Hmmmm!!! One can tell Isabella is super crazy since the age of seven!

Xoxo Young Trouble!!