I wanted to ask myself, inspired by BTS' 'The most beautiful moment in life', what the most beautiful moment in life was for me.

First, I think, it's better to make clear what exactly a 'moment' is, before I talk about the obvious. It's clear, that a moment describes an interval, time in one of it's forms, but unclear is, how long this interval lasts. There are seconds, days, hours, weeks, years, months and so on in our unit of time that applies to all of our clocks.
But, next to those units, there is still our inner clock. The one, which lets us wake up in the morning without having set an alarm and which lets us live through some instants faster and some slower. Some people say, ten minutes are a long time, other say that about two hours. Because every human being is different and everyone got a different definition of everything a moment is a different time span for everyone. You could say that all of life is, compared to the age of the universe, a moment. You could say that the time you need to open a door is a moment. You could also say that every happening is a moment for itself and lots of other possibilities.

So what is the most beautiful span/moment/instant in life?

Yes, I used quiet a few words for 'moment'. That's because moments, spans or instants can be the most different from each other but at the same time can also be exactly the same.

Well, the most beautiful instant in life, that's actually something you can only know, when you've lived your whole life, isn't it? If you don't have something like a future anymore, which could bring even more beautiful moments. Only then you can be sure, which one has been the most beautiful moment in your life. But because I'm living in the present and not in the future the most beautiful moment for me is, when I can be with my friends who know who I am. Occasionally I find myself thinking of being very lucky for having so many friends, who know me for who I really am and how to handle me, when I don't even know how to. For me, every moment I can spend with true friends, may it be happy or sad, angry or funny times, is the most beautiful in life. A wonderful moment doesn't mean it has to be happy and lucky. A wonderful moment equals a true, a real moment. A time, when no one has to hide their true feelings and thoughts, when no body has to suppress their laughter. A time, when I can be the me I found in myself.

Misfortune, agony and bad things also belong to the wonderful things. Because there wouldn't be light without darkness, no warmth without cold and without bad days, they wouldn't be any good. The opposites of life belong to the most important guts of our time. Most people probably won't think about it but the wonderful moments are just of value because they make a difference to all the others. It can only become good, when it has been bad before.

Hence, don't despair if you're going through a rough time, because, no matter what is to come, it's the forerunner for good times.

If you ask me, then, what the most beautiful moment in life is, I'll answer "every moment". Every instant while I'm breathing, while my heart is pounding against my chest, while I can admire nature, while I can cry and laugh with my friends.

These are all most beautiful moments. To hold a contest between them, which one should be less or more beautiful, would be a waste, since every single one of them is equally valuable, forming life as it is.

Life might not always be nice and shining, but your time is still valuable, so think good about to whom you're going to give it. You're never going to get it back, once you've given it away. Hence, don't act rashly, choose your friends with consideration and don't waste time to hate.

Live a life of which you can be proud of at the end of the day. For having regrets because of something that could have been easily avoided is the worst of all punishments.

So find your own self for yourself and live like it. It might take a while to find it, maybe you belong to the lucky people who find it in no time, nonetheless you have to keep reminding yourself, that those are the things that let you be yourself. And if you don't live like that, it's not only denial of yourself but also wasting valuable life.

Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa, The most beautiful moment in life, original text created on 9th July, 2017


This is a translation of my original text (German) into English. Since I'm not a native speaker, please forgive little mistakes and typos. Thank you for reading! =°^°=